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Below is information to answer many common questions about square gable vents.  

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Square or rectangle gable vents are usually taller than the width or vise versa.  The only true square gable vent will measure the same both directions.  Even though most all are actually rectangular, they are still referred to as square.


The size of your square gable vent is usually determined by the opening in the gable wall.  Use the bottom length and the center height to order.  We will deduct the equivalent of 1/2 inch to ensure a snug fit still allowing room for expansion and contraction.

Common square gable vent measures

height x width

15" x 15" square gable vent

18" x 12" rectangle gable vent

24" x 12" rectangular gable vent

12" x 12" square gable vents

18" x 14" 

24" x 18"


Choosing a flange can be difficult but the correct one can drastically improve the ease of the aluminum gable vent install.

Front flange is located on the front of the vent and covers 1 1/2 inches all the way around the vent.

Back flange is located on the back and adds an additional 1 1/2 inch nail fin.

No flange is just that.  No flange to obstruct the vent insertion.

J channel flange has J channel for inserting siding.


 As standard, we offer depths of 1 inch, 3.5 inch (common 4 inch) and 5.5 inch (common 6 inch).  This is the depth of the triangle gable vent that usually protrudes into the attic from the wall.  Any depth you need can be custom made at no extra charge. 


Aluminum square gable vents are commonly used as house gable vents but also have many other applications.  From shed gable vents to commercial hotel and apartment gable vents.  And large orders or buying in bulk, we offer additional discounts.  The main issue these triangle gable vents solves is heat exhaust for attics.  This will cool the loft of any building and roof to add life to the home, shed and commercial buildings they are used on.  These can also be ordered as foundation vents.