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Advanced technology

Most manufacturers test their products to a point and then get set in the satisfaction that their products are "good enough".  We do not stop here.  We are continuously retesting new ideas and passing the better gable vents on to the consumer.  Since 1996 we have tested thousands of great new advancements and released many of these as proven making our aluminum gable vents the best and longest lasting on the market.  


Building a better gable vent

 Our aluminum gable vents are 100% aluminum with an aluminum frame.  There are no wood components or rusty staples.  The frame is also a rail system instead of a track.  The ends of the louvers are notched out to wrap around the rail frame and be pop riveted together.  

Then the pop rivets are covered in a wish shear buffer and closed off by an inner cap to conceal the pop rivets and add even more strength to the gable vent.  This wind shear buffer prevents the louvers from vibrating on the frame and eventually releasing and falling out.


Stronger louvers

The aluminum used in our gable vents are of the .019 trim coil.  This thin material is embossed in any lustrous color you want.  The gable vent louvers stand straight because of the 4 fold added to the bottom of the louver and double hem at the back.  

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