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Gable Vents

Aluminum Gable Vents

There are too many advantages to having aluminum gable vents

Let's compare...

Aluminum gable vents are metal but do not rust like steel and galvanized vents do.

The louvers are not effected by the sun as vinyl vents will over heat and the louvers will droop.

Wood gable vents are constantly demanding paint and rotting out.

And not to mention the added advanced technology we put into manufacturing our gable vents.  You will get a 4 fold louver on a rail frame instead of a track and even a wind buffer to extend the life of the gable vent.


Aluminum gable vents manufactured with advanced technology for a better gable vent.

If you think aluminum gable vents cost too much, wait till you replace your gable vent every 2 years.  All our aluminum gable vents carry a true lifetime warranty.

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